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Exploiting Uniswap: from reentrancy to actual profit

Uniswap is a public, open-source protocol to exchange tokens in Ethereum. In Uniswap, there is a separate exchange…

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Say Hi to OpenZeppelin, the Company

Today we are announcing our new company name and brand structure: OpenZeppelin. This change from our previous name,…

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Launching the Zeppelin community forum

The Zeppelin community connects experts, beginners, and enthusiasts of smart contract and decentralized app development…

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Our most popular audit reports

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Marmo Contracts Audit

The RCN team asked us to review and audit their Marmo contracts. We looked at the code and here are the results.

Centre Token Minting Contracts Audit

The Circle and Coinbase teams asked us to review and audit the minting contracts of the Centre Token. We looked at the code and now publish our results.

Bootstrapping a Developer Ecosystem with Zeppelin

Zeppelin’s suite of tools (OpenZeppelin, ZeppelinOS, ZepKit) provides a strong foundation to kickstart an ecosystem of decentralized systems.

Gas Station Network Alliance: Zeppelin & TabooKey

Zeppelin and TabooKey bringing the Gas Station Network into production will be the culmination of months of momentum building up around meta transactions.

ETHDenver 2019 Recap and Zeppelin Bounty Winners!

That’s a wrap! ETHDenver 2019 has just finished up, and while everyone is exhausted, we couldn’t be more thrilled at how vibrant and active the community is!

Getting started with ZepKit

The ZeppelinOS ZepKit is designed to be a one-stop shop for getting started with developing secure, upgradable smart contracts and EVM packages.

Introducing ZepKit: the easiest way to start your (d)app

For the last few years, OpenZeppelin has been the standard for smart contract development. OpenZeppelin is a battle-tested framework of reusable smart contracts for Ethereum that has powered more…

A new wave of applications

Few blockchain applications have real adoption. It’s a fact. Barely a few surpass the low hundreds in terms of daily users.

Building Blocks: What makes a good EVM package?

A mental shortcut for thinking about EVM packages is to compare them to a package manager such as NPM. Package managers serve as convenient repositories for code that you can easily reuse and share…

Follow this quality checklist before an audit

At Zeppelin we help protect the core infrastructure of open and decentralized applications. I’m part of the Research team, which is in charge of conducting security audits.