Introducing Initial Launch Partners for ZeppelinOS

The rate of innovation in building decentralized applications is limited by the manual and duplicative efforts developers must make to ensure basic usability and security.

ZeppelinOS Development Roadmap Part Two: Kernel & Contract Development Tools

As mentioned in our Development Roadmap Part One, the smart contract industry is in urgent need of the ZeppelinOS Kernel.

Announcing ZeppelinOS Labs: A Space for Community Involvement

The foundational layer of ZeppelinOS is the Kernel: an on-chain set of libraries offering common functionality and services that developers can call from within their smart contracts.

ZeppelinOS Development Roadmap: Part One

We’ve already discussed the technical details of ZeppelinOS and published a first draft of the whitepaper. Now, we'd like to introduce our development roadmap with an estimated timeline of when we'll distribute each component of the platform.

A Path Toward Better Token Sales

Public token sales have successfully bootstrapped a growing number of blockchain projects, including major platforms such as Ethereum. This new fundraising method has helped dozens of projects...

Join Zeppelin’s CTF hacking game to celebrate Devcon3

Zeppelin is proud to be sponsoring Devcon3. To celebrate, we are releasing a CTF hacking game at the start of the conference, on November 1st.

How the ZEP Token Powers ZeppelinOS

ZeppelinOS is an operating system designed specifically for smart contracts. It’s an open-source, decentralized platform of tools and services to securely develop and manage any smart contract application.

Thin Protocols

In 2016 Joel Monegro wrote a blogpost titled “Fat Protocols”. In his blogpost he argues that while the previous internet stack resulted in most of the wealth being captured at the application level...

Introducing zeppelinOS Whitepaper’s First Draft

Last month we announced zeppelinOS, the operating system for smart contract applications, and provided a technical explanation of how it will work.

Introducing zeppelinOS: the operating system for smart contract applications

In the early days of computing, writing code into machines was a difficult and inefficient endeavor. There were few tools and resources available for programmers, and specialized magazine