Product releases

ZeppelinOS Development Roadmap: Part One

We’ve already discussed the technical details of ZeppelinOS and published a first draft of the whitepaper. Now, we'd like to introduce our development roadmap with an estimated timeline of when we'll…

A Path Toward Better Token Sales

Public token sales have successfully bootstrapped a growing number of blockchain projects, including major platforms such as Ethereum. This new fundraising method has helped dozens of projects...

How the ZEP Token Powers ZeppelinOS

ZeppelinOS is an operating system designed specifically for smart contracts. It’s an open-source, decentralized platform of tools and services to securely develop and manage any smart contract…

Introducing zeppelinOS Whitepaper’s First Draft

Last month we announced zeppelinOS, the operating system for smart contract applications, and provided a technical explanation of how it will work.

Introducing zeppelinOS: the operating system for smart contract applications

In the early days of computing, writing code into machines was a difficult and inefficient endeavor. There were few tools and resources available for programmers, and specialized magazine

Introducing Zeppelin Solutions

Zeppelin Solutions is a technology company focused on improving blockchain technology, security and infrastructure. We believe an open, global economy is critical to enabling economic freedom in the…

Introducing Escrow & Key Management Services

At Smart Contract Solutions, we believe security is the cornerstone of the blockchain economy. If we can’t make sure transactions are sent as intended and funds are stored securely...

OpenZeppelin v1.0.0

OpenZeppelin is an open-source framework to build secure smart contracts in the Solidity language — read more about our motivations here.

OpenZeppelin: a New Standard for Secure Blockchain Applications

Blockchain technology holds the great promise of enabling decentralized protocols, applications and organizations. Much of this enthusiasm is driven by Bitcoin and Ethereum, the main software…

OpenZeppelin Framework Proposal and Development Roadmap

OpenZeppelin is a new smart contract development framework for the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) focused on security, modularity, and code reusability.