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Announcing The Newest Blockchain Security Fellowship Program


OpenZeppelin announces the third cohort of the Blockchain Security Research Fellowship program. Apply here to see if you qualify to become a fellow and gain the skills to become a full-time researcher.

OpenZeppelin is the most-trusted blockchain security company, relied upon by the Ethereum Foundation, Coinbase, The Sandbox, and more to provide security audits, advising, and solutions for the world’s top L1s, L2s, DeFi, Metaverse, and Web3 projects. OpenZeppelin is announcing that the latest Blockchain Security Research Fellowship program is now open for applications. 

This 8-week OpenZeppelin Blockchain Security Research Fellowship program gets fellows onboarded and fully prepared to become full-time Blockchain Security Researchers. Fellows will have the opportunity to work closely with OpenZeppelin’s team of world-class blockchain security experts to develop the knowledge and skills to progress their careers in the industry, and it exists to specifically celebrate equality and diversity. Applicants should be passionate about Solidity, Ethereum, and security and are interested in building a career around these topics.

The next period for accepting applications is now open. The window to apply is two weeks, with a deadline of February 10th, 2023. Apply here to become an OpenZeppelin Blockchain Security Research Fellow.

This announcement comes after the completion of a second successful round of onboarding three additional security research fellows as employees joining the OpenZeppelin team. Now beginning their first days as full-time employees, they shared the following reflections on their experience:

“The fellowship program was an amazing opportunity filled with a strong curriculum and great mentors that grew my knowledge of blockchain security. It took my existing knowledge of smart contract development and brought it to the next level by teaching me in-depth about risks, exploits, privacy, scaling, and more. Equally important were the great people and company culture at OpenZeppelin that I experienced throughout the program.”

– Sam Wong

“The fellowship program was an immersive experience that taught me how to think about systems with a security mindset.”

– Dylan Troop

“The fellowship program provided a comprehensive introduction to blockchain security and helped me transition from a finance and analysis background. It was an amazing opportunity to learn from experts in the blockchain security field. The team’s passion for their work was clear throughout the fellowship program.”

– Steven Thornton

One of the core promises of Web3 is a lower barrier to entry for everyone who wants to participate. OpenZeppelin sees this fellowship as an opportunity to ensure diversity in the blockchain space by tapping into underrepresented communities with unique talent seeking to make a transition.

The Blockchain Security Research Fellowship is an 8-week intensive program curated by top-tier auditors. The program benefits OpenZeppelin by giving us the opportunity to onboard new talent and participate in an ever-evolving process of learning and growth where diversity is of singular importance.

In addition, the fellowship program delivers substantial value to the Web3 community by building educational tools that will enable future contributors in the space.

Click here to learn more about what it means to become a fellow.