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Announcing The Newest Blockchain Security Fellowship Program

OpenZeppelin invites applications to the fourth cohort of the Blockchain Security Research Fellowship program. Apply here to determine your eligibility and embark on a journey to become a full-time researcher.

As the most trusted blockchain security company, OpenZeppelin serves as a relied-upon partner for the Ethereum Foundation, Coinbase, The Sandbox, and other leading L1s, L2s, DeFi, Metaverse, and crypto projects. Don't miss this opportunity to join the latest Blockchain Security Research Fellowship program and contribute to the advancement of blockchain security.

The 3-month fellowship is designed to onboard and train fellows as full-time Blockchain Security Researchers through a guided and instructive process. Throughout the program, participants will have the unique opportunity to work collaboratively with OpenZeppelin's world-class blockchain security experts, learning through experience to gain first-hand auditing experience on client-facing projects. This program celebrates equality, diversity, and the shared passion for blockchain security, offering a career pathway with OpenZeppelin in this exciting field.

The application period is now open for a limited time with a deadline of July 26. If you are interested in becoming an OpenZeppelin Blockchain Security Research Fellow, we encourage you to apply here.

This announcement follows the success of three previous fellowship rounds, through which numerous talented individuals have joined the OpenZeppelin team as full-time employees.


Fellowship participants will have complete access to OpenZeppelin’s internal library of learning resources at their disposal and the full support of their fellow team of researchers. Upon completion, fellows will have the opportunity to forge their own career pathway as zero-knowledge rollup researchers, support Ethernaut development, or contribute to OpenZeppelin’s security audit tooling.

The Blockchain Security Research Fellowship is an intensive 3-month program curated by top-tier auditors. It enables OpenZeppelin to onboard new talent and actively engage in a continuous process of learning and growth, placing diversity at the forefront. OpenZeppelin considers this fellowship as an important initiative to ensure diversity and inclusion in the blockchain space by making special efforts to tap into underrepresented communities and their unique talents.

Furthermore, this enhanced fellowship program will deliver substantial value to the crypto community by developing educational tools that empower future contributors in the space.

To learn more about the program and the opportunities it offers, please click here.