Workshop Recap: Indexing Smart Contracts with OpenZeppelin Subgraphs & The Graph

Creating dense Subgraphs is one of the most important aspects of indexing on-chain information. In this workshop we show you how with OpenZeppelin Subgraphs

Workshop Recap: How PoolTogether Automates Operations Using OpenZeppelin Defender

PoolTogether is a lossless lottery built with smart contracts using Defender to automate the award cycle process and monitor the LINK balance. 

Introducing OpenZeppelin Subgraphs

We are thrilled to announce that OpenZeppelin Contracts will be integrating The Graph’s subgraphs, combining two of the most important building blocks of the open economy.

Introducing the OpenZeppelin Secure Development Series

Our latest speaker series, Secure Development is aimed to help improve security practices for the next generation of Solidity developers.

Workshop Recap: Managing Maintenance Tasks on Chainlink Keepers Using OpenZeppelin Defender

Chainlink’s Keeper Network is a secure way to outsource contract operations to a decentralized network of professional DevOps for critical functions