Announcing the ZEP Token Private Beta

Today we are excited to announce the ZEP Token Private Beta for ZeppelinOS — a network that uses economic incentives to maintain a healthy ecosystem of secure smart contract applications.

Participate in Zeppelin’s Puzzle Game to Celebrate Devcon4!

After the fun we had with last year’s Ethernaut hacking game, we’re releasing EthHunt, a new game to celebrate Zeppelin’s sponsorship of Devcon4!

Introducing the Transaction Permission Layer (TPL) Protocol

Current blockchain protocols lack an effective governance mechanism that ensures transactions comply with rules. Such rules may be imposed internally by stakeholders in the crypto...

Announcing the launch of ZeppelinOS

Today we’re excited to announce the first mainnet release of ZeppelinOS, a platform for developing, managing, and operating smart contract applications in Ethereum. You can start using it right now at

TPL — A Framework for Secure Peer-to-Peer Exchange

Blockchain technology empowers the individual, holding the promise of an open financial system. While it has steadily matured over the last few years, significant challenges remain...

How We Can Improve the Structure of Founder’s Tokens

In A Path Toward Better Token Sales, we covered how token sales originally met a critical need in the blockchain industry: access to capital and distributing tokens to the community. As the industry matured, however, new avenues of funding became available. Today, we believe the industry is ready to not only improve on how token sales are structured, but also explore alternative funding options altogether.

A Path Toward Better Token Sales

Public token sales have successfully bootstrapped a growing number of blockchain projects, including major platforms such as Ethereum. This new fundraising method has helped dozens of projects...

Join Zeppelin’s CTF hacking game to celebrate Devcon3

Zeppelin is proud to be sponsoring Devcon3. To celebrate, we are releasing a CTF hacking game at the start of the conference, on November 1st.

Introducing zeppelinOS Whitepaper’s First Draft

Last month we announced zeppelinOS, the operating system for smart contract applications, and provided a technical explanation of how it will work.

Introducing Zeppelin Solutions

Zeppelin Solutions is a technology company focused on improving blockchain technology, security and infrastructure. We believe an open, global economy is critical to enabling economic freedom in the world.