Verifying identity in Venezuela through the TPL

Venezuelans are at the heart of the Americas’ worst-ever refugee crisis, most of them unable to obtain passports and other crucial official documents. Identity is paramount for accessing aid...

Thin Protocols

In 2016 Joel Monegro wrote a blogpost titled “Fat Protocols”. In his blogpost he argues that while the previous internet stack resulted in most of the wealth being captured at the application level...

Setting Up a Bug Bounty Smart Contract with OpenZeppelin

The effect of having a market cap north of $10 Billion USD is that a growing number of blockchain enthusiasts trust putting their Ether only in smart contracts that have been vouched and fine-combed by security professionals.

How To Create Token and Initial Coin Offering Contracts Using Truffle + Zeppelin Solidity

Token contracts are hot. Token crowd sales aka Initial Coin Offers(ICO) are hotter. There have been a lot going in terms of ICOs lately in the crypto world and if you would like to code one yourself, look no further.