New Tools to Securely Manage Smart Contract Upgrades

We have partnered with Truffle, Nomic Labs (buidler) and Gnosis Safe to release two plugins and a new app to securely deploy and manage upgradeable smart contracts.

OpenZeppelin Upgrades Plugins for Buidler and Truffle

We are releasing two new packages to deploy and manage upgradeable contracts from Buidler and Truffle! With them, you can easily and securely leverage the full flexibility of contract upgrades directly from your Buidler scripts or Truffle migrations.

OpenZeppelin Upgrades App for Gnosis Safe

We are rolling out a Gnosis Safe App for managing proxy-based smart contract upgrades! This allows you to transfer ownership of a proxy or proxy-admin to a Gnosis Safe, and use the app to directly propose an upgrade.

Flash-Mintable Asset-Backed Tokens

Flash-Mintable Asset-Backed Tokens

A flash-mintable asset-backed token is an ERC20-compliant token that is: Asset-backed and Flash-mintable.

Argent Vulnerability – Technical Report

A high-severity vulnerability in the Argent wallet would have allowed attackers to take over wallets with no guardians. User action would have been needed to prevent the takeover attack in less than 36 hours, which then would have opened an alternative Denial of Service (DoS) attack vector with potential to indefinitely freeze their funds.

DeFi Reflections on Hackers and Viruses

In the wake of the current pandemic and other recent events affecting DeFi, we at OpenZeppelin have taken the chance to review the current state of security and risk management in the blockchain space.


Welcome Jonathan Alexander, OpenZeppelin’s new CTO

We are excited to announce that Jonathan Alexander is joining OpenZeppelin as CTO. OpenZeppelin is a technology company whose mission is to protect the core infrastructure of an open, global economy. Jonathan will play a critical role in making the cryptoeconomy safer by scaling and expanding OpenZeppelin’s suite of products and services.

Changing the feedback experience using positive psychology

One of the topics we focused on at OpenZeppelin this year was feedback. We feel that giving and receiving feedback is part of a healthy culture and we want to make sure that we are adding value while doing so.

Microsoft integrates OpenZeppelin Contracts into Microsoft Azure

We are excited to collaborate with Microsoft and announce the launch of the OpenZeppelin Audited Smart Contract library as part of the Microsoft Azure Blockchain Development Kit VSCode plugin! 

Recoverable Wallet Audit

Micah Zoltu asked us to review and audit the recoverable wallet smart contract code. We looked at the code and now publish our results.