Argent Vulnerability – Technical Report

A high-severity vulnerability in the Argent wallet would have allowed attackers to take over wallets with no guardians. User action would have been needed to prevent the takeover attack in less than 36 hours, which then would have opened an alternative Denial of Service (DoS) attack vector with potential to indefinitely freeze their funds.

MCDEX Mai Protocol Audit

Monte Carlo Decentralized Exchange is a decentralized derivatives exchange. MAI Protocol V2 is a system that allows users to trade trust-minimized Perpetual Futures contracts on the Ethereum blockchain.

Compound COMP Distribution System Audit

The Compound team engaged us to audit their new COMP distribution system, which will be added to the Comptroller.

Uma Audit – Phase 2

In this audit we reviewed a particular financial contract template that can be used within the system.

Celo Contracts Audit

The cLabs team working on the Celo platform asked us to review and audit the smart contracts for the protocol. We examined the code, and here we publish our findings.

Uma Audit – Phase 1

Uma is a platform that allows users to enter trust-minimized financial contracts on the Ethereum blockchain. One component of the system is a decentralized oracle, which was the subject of this audit.

Compound: Tether Integration Audit

The Compound team engaged us to finish auditing their integration of Tether's USDT token into the PriceOracleProxy contract.

PoolTogether – Pods Audit

Pods is a new feature that will allow users to pool their lottery tickets and share the rewards.

dYdX Perpetual Audit

Perpetual is a new perpetual contract market by dYdX that enables users to use native Ethereum-based tokens as collateral to trade derivatives with non-Ethereum underlying assets.

Compound Gas Optimizations Audit

The Compound team engaged us to audit part of their latest gas optimizations in the protocol.