UMA audit – Phase 4

In this audit we reviewed some upgrades to the system, including a new financial contract template and the optimistic oracle.

1inch Liquidity Protocol Audit

The 1inch team asked us to review the code for the 1inch Liquidity Protocol which is the upgraded and rebranded version of Mooniswap. We reviewed the code and here we publish our findings.

Futureswap V2 Audit

Futureswap is an on-chain futures exchange that offers up to 20x leverage. The Futureswap team asked us to audit their smart contracts. We reviewed the contracts with a team of 2 auditors over the course of 4 weeks. Here we publish our results.

Notional Audit

Notional is a protocol enabling fixed-term, fixed-rate lending and borrowing on the Ethereum blockchain through a novel financial primitive named fCash, which provides a mechanism for users to commit to transfers of value at a specific point in the future.

Saddle Contracts Audit

Saddle have created a Solidity implementation of Curve Finance's StableSwap

GEB Protocol Audit

The GEB protocol built by the Reflexer Labs team, is a stablecoin project based on the core design principles of the Maker's Multi-Collateral Dai (MCD) system. It brings new, exclusive features and is aimed to improve efficiency and user experience.

1inch Exchange Audit

The 1inch Exchange is a DEX aggregator that allows users to perform complex trades using multiple decentralized exchanges. We reviewed part of the on-chain infrastructure used to manage the external calls and redeem CHI tokens as desired.

Opyn Gamma Protocol Audit

The Opyn team asked us to review and audit version 1.0.0 of their new Gamma Protocol.

PoolTogether v3 Audit

The PoolTogether team asked us to review the changes to the v3 contracts. We looked at the code and now publish our results.

Celo Contracts Audit

The cLabs team working on the Celo platform asked us to review and audit the smart contracts for the protocol. We examined the code, and here we publish our findings.