Primitive Audit

The Primitive team asked us to review and audit an early version of their smart contracts, and here we present our results.

Balancer Contracts Audit

Balancer is an automated portfolio manager. It allows anyone to create Balancer pools, each of which implements an automated market maker (AMM) that is a generalization of the constant-product AMM popularized by Uniswap.

ACO Protocol Audit

Auctus is a company which produces decentralized financial applications. ACO is a decentralized options protocol created by Auctus.

Compound Open Price Feed – Uniswap Integration Audit

The Compound team engaged us to audit their new view for the Open Oracle, featuring an integration with Uniswap V2.

MCDEX Mai Protocol Audit

Monte Carlo Decentralized Exchange is a decentralized derivatives exchange. MAI Protocol V2 is a system that allows users to trade trust-minimized Perpetual Futures contracts on the Ethereum blockchain.

Compound COMP Distribution System Audit

The Compound team engaged us to audit their new COMP distribution system, which will be added to the Comptroller.

Uma Audit – Phase 2

In this audit we reviewed a particular financial contract template that can be used within the system.

Uma Audit – Phase 1

Uma is a platform that allows users to enter trust-minimized financial contracts on the Ethereum blockchain. One component of the system is a decentralized oracle, which was the subject of this audit.

Compound: Tether Integration Audit

The Compound team engaged us to finish auditing their integration of Tether's USDT token into the PriceOracleProxy contract.

PoolTogether – Pods Audit

Pods is a new feature that will allow users to pool their lottery tickets and share the rewards.