The State of Smart Contract Upgrades

The State of Smart Contract Upgrades - 2020 edition
A survey of the different Ethereum smart contract upgrade patterns and strategies from a technical viewpoint, plus a set of good practices and recommendations for upgrades management and governance.

Build your app with the Gas Station Network

The Gas Station Network, or GSN for short, is a decentralized solution for solving user onboarding to Ethereum applications. It allows you as an app developer to pay for your users' transactions...

Getting the most out of CREATE2

In this post, we’ll go in depth into the CREATE2 opcode and its uses in counterfactual...

Testing real-world contract upgrades

Deploying to production can be a stressful experience, especially if you don’t have a proper suite of tests to ensure that what you built will run smoothly.

State of EVM Packages – End of 2018

 Two months ago, we presented the EVM package standard as a means to securely share on-chain upgradeable smart contract code. Since then, we have had a great response from the community...

Toward a secure code ecosystem

This week started off with the finding of malicious code injected into a dependency of a popular open source npm package. The attacker found an inactive library, volunteered to help with the project, and published a compromised version.

The transparent proxy pattern

Much has been discussed around proxy patterns and how to best achieve upgradeability in Ethereum smart contracts. The underlying idea is quite simple: instead of interacting with your smart contract directly...

Exploring upgradeability governance in ZeppelinOS with a Gnosis MultiSig

With the first release of ZeppelinOS two months ago, the key issue we wanted to tackle was upgradeability: that is, the ability to modify the logic of a smart contract already deployed to the...

EthDenver Zeppelin Prize Winners

As we’re wrapping up EthDenver 2018, the #gratitude hashtag falls short to say thanks to all the awesome people who contributed to make it an unforgettable event.

Designing the architecture for your Ethereum application

As you are beginning with Ethereum development, and after going through some of the many excellent tutorial posts out there, you are faced with the challenge of building your first Ethereum-based app.