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Base Developers Can Now Access OpenZeppelin’s Smart Contract Security

OpenZeppelin, the leading blockchain security company providing technology, products, and solutions for the decentralized ecosystem, is announcing support for Base Goerli, the new Layer 2 (L2) incubated by Coinbase. Base is currently at testnet, with plans for mainnet in the coming months.

OpenZeppelin has been trusted to audit new listings for Coinbase over the years and is now collaborating with Coinbase to bring Base to the ever-growing ecosystem of security-conscious smart contract developers. 

“Security is key for a thriving onchain ecosystem. We’re super excited to team up with OpenZeppelin, giving Base devs access to powerful smart contract security tools, we can’t wait to see what developers are going to build on Base next, with additional peace of mind provided by OpenZeppelin.”

– Jesse Pollak, Base Lead

OpenZeppelin’s open-source smart contract libraries are trusted by tens of thousands of Web3 developers globally. The gold-standard repositories are leveraged by the top 50 DeFi and NFT projects, as well as new entrants to blockchain development globally. OpenZeppelin Defender is a premier smart contract security, automation, and monitoring platform relied upon by many of the top blockchain projects in the ecosystem such as Compound, Polygon, the Graph, and more. 

With Base testnet support now enabled for all OpenZeppelin Defender users, developers can access all of the security powers of Defender, leveraged across 15+ networks by tens of thousands of developers. Users can seamlessly import contracts, including abstracted accounts, and automatically retrieve the contract ABI for contracts verified on the Base Explorer. Base developers can leverage Defender for smart contract security, automation, and AI-powered real-time monitoring.

“Security is key for a thriving onchain ecosystem. We’re super excited to team up with OpenZeppelin, giving Base devs access to powerful smart contract security tools,” said Jesse Pollak, Base Lead. “We can’t wait to see what developers are going to build on Base next, with additional peace of mind provided by OpenZeppelin.” 

Base, incubated by Coinbase, is an Ethereum L2 network offering a secure, low-cost, developer-friendly way to build decentralized apps or “dapps” on-chain. The goal of Base is to serve as both a home for Coinbase’s on-chain products and an open ecosystem where anyone can build. Coinbase plans to progressively decentralize the chain in the years ahead as well as release Base mainnet in the near future. 

Base shows another step forward for the Web3 ecosystem. Incubated by Coinbase, which continues to be an active supporter of safe access to crypto for millions of people globally, while valuing and promoting the core tenants of decentralization. Building a Layer 2 is an ambitious effort, and necessary effort to scale the adoption of smart contracts to the next billion users. Our goal at OpenZeppelin is to ensure the highest level of security is available to developers and protocols across the blockchain industry.

– Jonathan Alexander, CTO – OpenZeppelin

Base developers can now take advantage of a range of features for secure development made possible through the integration with Defender. In addition to leveraging the well-known OpenZeppelin contract libraries, builders can ensure their deployed contracts have secure access control, automation, and monitoring:

  • Defender Admin, the comprehensive management dashboard of OpenZeppelin Defender, enables developers to perform upgrades, query and modify Role-Based Access Control, and run custom function calls on imported contracts. It also provides the ability to pause/unpause contracts, giving developers greater control over their contracts.
  • Defender Relayer offers automatic transaction sending and incident response automation capability. It can be easily integrated with ethers.js via API, and comes with resubmission infrastructure, eliminating the need to worry about repricing transactions if they fail.
  • Defender Sentinel allows developers to react to on-chain events by monitoring specific contract rules. It can send notifications to Discord/Slack/Email and can be configured to trigger a relayer transaction on any other chain, enabling cross-chain automation.
  • Defender Autotask allows developers to write and execute custom code that interacts with other components. It can send Relayer transactions, react to Sentinels, run based on a schedule, or via webhooks, providing developers with powerful automation capabilities.

Support for the Base L2 network represents a step forward in enhancing the security and efficiency of smart contract development and management on Layer 2 solutions. 

Stay tuned for more updates on how OpenZeppelin Defender users can take advantage of support for Base.

About OpenZeppelin Defender: OpenZeppelin Defender automates smart contract operations, allowing developers to deliver high-quality products faster and with less risk. Defender is continually updated with new features in response to developer and market needs. Sign up for a free account now.