Transaction Permission Layer Protocol v1.0

The Transaction Permission Layer protocol (TPL) is a method for assigning metadata (herein referred to as “attributes”) to Ethereum addresses. These attributes then form the basis for designing systems that enforce permissions when performing certain transactions.

Compliant Decentralization?: Exploring an Approach to Utility Token Distribution

William Hinman’s recent statements at the Yahoo Finance All Markets Summit provide some guidance for token projects intending to sell tokens as non-securities in the United States.

Verifying identity in Venezuela through the TPL

Venezuelans are at the heart of the Americas’ worst-ever refugee crisis, most of them unable to obtain passports and other crucial official documents. Identity is paramount for accessing aid...

Introducing the Transaction Permission Layer (TPL) Protocol

Current blockchain protocols lack an effective governance mechanism that ensures transactions comply with rules. Such rules may be imposed internally by stakeholders in the crypto...

TPL — A Framework for Secure Peer-to-Peer Exchange

Blockchain technology empowers the individual, holding the promise of an open financial system. While it has steadily matured over the last few years, significant challenges remain...