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Defender is Expanding Mainnet Access for All

Defender launched last year as the first secure operations platform for projects to securely automate their smart contract operations, speeding up development and minimizing risk. Now, based on feedback from the community, all mainnet Defender use is free for teams. With over 7,000 users, we view Defender as one of the most important projects we created. We believe every project should have open access to such a powerful tool.

Early in the development of a decentralized project, developers face the issue of securely scaling their operations. Not only does Defender solve this problem, it provides tools for secure automation and constant monitoring of systems. By making Defender free, more projects can scale while protecting users from known and unknown security risks.

Over the past year, we added support for over 20 chains with new features and integrations of cornerstone projects, such as Chainlink. In the latest release of Defender, we also added a Sentinels integration with the Forta Network, Autotask cron, and more! In the near future, we will host a community call about the Defender Forta integration, follow our event calendar to be notified of this and future events.

Previously, free usage of Defender was limited to individuals and testnets. Teams will now have full access to Defender and all supported chains for free. The full list of free Defender features now available is as follows:

  • All supported L1s, L2s, and sidechains
  • 20 users per team
  • 30 contracts managed by Admin 
  • 5 relayers and up to 120 TXs/hour
  • 20 autotasks and up to 120 runs/hour
  • 20 sentinels
  • Support through our community forum

We will now only require paid Defender subscriptions for projects that need high usage quotas, direct support, or custom integrations from the OpenZeppelin development team. Any projects that encounter rate limit errors or would like direct support, please reach out to us through this form.

More projects need the ability to securely scale. We look forward to seeing what the open economy builds. Sign up for Defender today to see what the first and best secure operations platform can do for your project.