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OpenZeppelin Defender – March 2021 Update


We are excited to bring you many new Defender features this month that add powerful functionality to your security operations – all fully included in your Defender account. We built Defender to provide you with a comprehensive platform to automate your smart contract operations, and with these updates you will be able to ship products faster than ever before with built-in security.

You can now start using automated emergency response with Defender Sentinels, a new feature that allows you to monitor and respond to smart contract functions and events. Most importantly, Sentinels acts as the connection point between all Defender features, allowing you to create automated tasks with Autotask based on abnormal activity, or get notifications about activity directly in Slack or Discord.

In addition to adding Sentinels, we’ve dramatically increased the functionality of existing features. For example, you can now pause smart contracts directly from Defender Admin and connect to both Admin and Autotasks directly via API to automatically create upgrade change proposals.

This is just the beginning of what we have planned for Defender, and we are looking forward to unveiling many new features in the coming months to help you streamline your Ethereum operations. To dive deeper into Sentinels, you can join our workshop today (Thursday, March 11th 12pm PT/3pm ET): Service Monitoring and Emergency Response with Defender

March 2021 Product Updates:

Defender Sentinels

Reliably monitor smart contract functions and events, setup filters and conditions, forward logs to DataDog or get notifications on Telegram, Discord, or Slack. Additionally, Sentinels has the ability to trigger Autotasks for circuit breakers or automated actions. We are also actively working on adding functionality to monitor subGraphs.

Admin Pause Control

Pause your smart contracts from Defender Admin.

Admin and Autotask APIs

Connect Defender to your CI system, automatically create upgrade change proposals, automatically push Autotask code changes.

Support for the Fuse Network

Support for the Fuse sidechain in addition to Ethereum and xDai mainnets and testnets.

Autotask Secrets

Store secrets (for example external API Keys) and use them in Autotasks.

Contract Query Tool

Quickly access current contract values and query contract functions easily within Defender with the new query tool.


Relayer client library now has full support for web3.js as well as ethers.js.

Account Plans

You can easily change between account plans within the Defender app, with a new free mainnet account option available for individuals.



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