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Feature Announcement

OpenZeppelin Defender Environment is Now Configurable via Code


The team has rolled out an exciting new feature in the latest release of OpenZeppelin Defender, allowing users to define an entire Defender environment in a YAML file. A Defender environment declaration can then be imported into another account to expand or instantiate a custom Defender setup.

This feature makes it easier for Defender users with complex setups to track, version, and audit their configurations. It provides developers with a reusable template that can be applied directly via Defender Serverless, so that they can bootstrap potentially complex interrelationships between Defender components, such as automated account balance maintenance tasks, or incident response contract pausing triggered via Sentinel alert. Defender components such as Autotasks provide broad-ranging capabilities, and as a result, can require developer time to implement and deploy. Teams wishing to replicate similar setups on different Defender environments can now easily do so.

This feature is especially useful for:

  • Development teams preparing Defender instances for clients
  • Maintaining separate production and development accounts
  • Multi-chain operations

The documentation here shows how to get started with this using Serverless.

OpenZeppelin Defender automates smart contract operations, allowing developers to deliver high-quality products faster and with less risk. Defender is continually updated with new features in response to developer and market needs. Sign up for a free account now!