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Introducing Escrow & Key Management Services

At Smart Contract Solutions, we believe security is the cornerstone of the blockchain economy. If we can’t make sure transactions are sent as intended and funds are stored securely, the blockchain economy we are all dreaming and building will not happen.

The Zeppelin framework is our first approach to introduce security standards and best practices in the industry. The framework provides developers with a common repository of reusable and secure smart contracts modules in the Solidity language for them to build their Dapps and DAOs with. The Zeppelin framework is open-source, driven by a community of 500 people, and used by projects like Aragon, Lunyr and Wings.

Given the security expertise gained by developing the Zeppelin framework, we’ve been approached by many projects for reviewing their crowdsale’s smart contracts. We’ve performed security audits to Golem, DFINITY, Cosmos, and Ethercamp, among others. Over $20m have been raised by projects using our audited smart contracts.

Besides ensuring their smart contracts’ integrity, we realized projects were also looking for ways to keep their raised funds safe. Fund security is a big liability every project has to mitigate in order to protect their investors’ money and ensure its continuity, no matter what. The best way to mitigate this risk is to partner with a third party that holds the keys to the multi-signature wallet holding the crowdsale funds.

In a new effort to extend our security commitment with the blockchain economy, today we are introducing the Zeppelin Escrow & Key Management Services.

Escrow & Key Management Services

We’ve developed a secure process for storing and recovering keys using a combination of multi-factor authentication, private key segmentation and offline (air-gapped) storage. As Escrow Partners, Smart Contract Solutions will hold the keys to a multi-signature wallet for the incoming funds, and sign transactions when needed.

Supported platforms and key formats are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, RSK, and DFINITY.

The Escrow & Key Management service goes beyond projects doing crowdsales to any businesses that want to rest assured that their money is safe and available.

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