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Introducing the OpenZeppelin Secure Development Series

For the last six years, OpenZeppelin has worked to secure the open economy. Through Contracts, Audits and now Defender, our team acquired a reputation for expertise in decentralized security found nowhere elsewhere in the industry.

With DeFi protocols now managing billions of dollars in assets, the blockchain community can no longer overlook security when building smart contracts. The risk of attack is too high.  While audits and secure operations are key to diminishing risks of security vulnerabilities, they aren’t enough. There is a fundamental component missing from developing and launching secure smart contract systems: Integrating security within the development lifecycle. 

With this in mind, we launched our latest speaker series, Secure Development, to help improve security practices for the next generation of Solidity developers.

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In performing more than 200 security audits for top decentralized projects, OpenZeppelin has shaped and consolidated some of the best security practices for smart contract development in Ethereum. We are proud to announce that we will be sharing many of these insights in our series on Secure Development, specifically tailored to those building Web3.

Led by OpenZeppelin security researcher Martin Abbatemarco, each session will cover security best practices and key recommendations in advanced topics such as:

  • Token Integration
  • Access Controls & Decentralization
  • Price Oracle Integration
  • Upgradeability
  • And more!

Through the process, you will also learn about our approach and mindset for code reviews, which you can translate to your own projects. Although each session is self-contained, we highly recommend participating in the entire series to achieve a comprehensive view of these essential topics in smart, integrated contract security.

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The first session is on July 15th, 12:00 PM PST / 7 PM UTC, which will cover the dangers of token integration. Interacting with tokens can be far riskier than you might think, so in this session we will present many edge cases that developers should be aware of, as well as code examples and real cases of threats in the mainnet.

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