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Introducing Zeppelin Solutions

Zeppelin Solutions is a technology company focused on improving blockchain technology, security and infrastructure. We believe an open, global economy is critical to enabling economic freedom in the world. At Zeppelin Solutions, we build software to grow and protect the core infrastructure of an open economy, powered by blockchain technologies. Formerly known as Smart Contract Solutions, we’re excited to announce our new endeavor, Zeppelin Solutions — the evolution of our efforts to build products, services, and networks to allow businesses and consumers to participate in this open economy.

In this post, we communicate our vision for Zeppelin Solutions, how we’ve been contributing to this new economy, and our future plans to continue improving blockchain security and infrastructure.

An Open Platform for Economic Interactions

Blockchain technologies have laid the foundation for a new, open economy. In the same way the Internet profoundly impacted how we communicate and gather information, blockchain technologies are changing the way we interact and transact economic value.

In the 80’s, if you wanted to publish something you either had to be a famous journalist or have friends at a media company. With the introduction of the internet in the 90’s, suddenly anyone could blog, tweet, snap, or connect with anyone in the world — all without asking a gatekeeper for permission. On the internet, the challenge is not whether you can or cannot publish, but who will read what you publish. The challenge became creating compelling content that gains people’s attention.

Today, the same thing is happening in the financial world. You don’t have to be the president of a country’s Central Bank, or start a Delaware C Corp to issue your own currency or company share. Using software, anyone can issue their own cryptocurrency or token and trade it with anyone in the world, immediately and at near-zero cost. This reduced friction drives new innovation and allowed for example, a 19 year old, Russian developer to issue his own cryptocurrency — now valued at over $30 billion.

But in this new and exciting world — where anyone can create, trade and exchange economic value — we have a new set of challenges. Perhaps the biggest challenge is building trust to make your digital assets attractive — much like the challenge of creating compelling content on the internet. Trust is critical to successfully bootstrap a network of users. Examples like TheDAO only increased this need, as it exposed the high risks and challenges involved when building software that handles real value.

So how do you build trust? You build trust by ensuring all software is secure and works as expected. And importantly, you do this all by being transparent with the community.

What We Do

At Zeppelin Solutions, we believe security is the cornerstone of the blockchain economy. If we can’t make sure economic value is issued, exchanged, and stored securely, this new and open economy will never succeed.

The combined market cap of all blockchain-based digital assets is now over $100 billion, and growing at an exponential rate. As a result, building and securing the foundations of this open economy is becoming increasingly important. That’s our mission at Zeppelin Solutions.

Zeppelin Solutions builds software to grow and protect the core infrastructure of an open, global economy, powered by blockchain technologies.

The way we are doing this is by building a set of products, services and networks to allow businesses and consumers to participate in this open economy.

Our Journey

In less than 2 years, we’ve created a large set of complementary projects and services, focusing on security and infrastructure. These include:

  • OpenZeppelin — An open framework of reusable and secure smart contracts in the Solidity language, driven by a community of 700+ contributors. Currently, over 30 projects utilize OpenZeppelin smart contracts, including Aragon, Storj, and Civic, among others.
  • Security Audits — We perform code reviews for blockchain-related projects based on state-of-the-art security patterns. We’ve worked with some of the most successful projects in the space — including Brave, Golem, Cosmos, Blockchain Capital, Storj, and Status. At the time of writing, over $300 million has been raised using our audited smart contracts.
  • Escrow and Key Management — By holding keys to multi-signature wallets, we provide an extra layer of security in the custody of crypto-assets.

In the weeks ahead, we plan to make a number of exciting and important announcements — including news about OpenZeppelin and a new tool to improve the experience of participating in token sales.

Our underlying goal with everything we do is to foster economic freedom — enabling every human to work, produce, consume, and invest however desired, regardless of physical location. We believe this next step in our journey will significantly contribute to making that a reality.

We’re excited for the future of Zeppelin Solutions, and look forward to tackling the challenges ahead and helping to keep innovative projects secure. As always, we’re relentlessly working to achieve our mission and invite you to join us on the journey ahead.