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Join Zeppelin’s CTF hacking game to celebrate Devcon3

Zeppelin is proud to be sponsoring Devcon3. To celebrate, we are releasing a CTF hacking game at the start of the conference, on November 1st.

The contest includes multiple stages consisting of security challenges and puzzles designed to test your smart contract hacking skills. Each consecutive stage increases in difficulty. Prizes totaling $10,000 USD will be distributed equally in ETH to the first five participants who successfully complete all challenges.

These are the kind of challenges our teams work on every day. Because we’re looking to grow the Zeppelin team, anyone who successfully completes all stages will be granted priority review for our current position openings.

How do you participate?

On November 1st, we’ll be tweeting a link from our official Twitter account that you can use to access the competition. Don’t worry if you couldn’t make it to Devcon3, everyone can participate.

Happy hacking!