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Microsoft integrates OpenZeppelin Contracts into Microsoft Azure

OpenZeppelin, a leading provider of security audits and open-source development tools for Blockchain, is excited to collaborate with Microsoft and announce the launch of the OpenZeppelin Audited Smart Contract library as part of the Microsoft Azure Blockchain Development Kit VSCode plugin! 

Smart contract developers building with Microsoft’s VSCode will benefit from the workflow advantages by securely adding a contract from the OpenZeppelin Contracts library into their code base. 

The OpenZeppelin Contracts is the most popular library for smart contract development with over 1 million downloads and 200 contributors.  The collaboration brings the power of OpenZeppelin’s Contracts library to over 2.7 million active monthly users and helps to increase the security of Solidity smart contract based projects. For projects looking to take advantage of OpenZeppelin’s security auditing services, using the Microsoft Azure VSCode plugin can help with building secure, easier to audit code through write-protected and integrity checked imports. 


  • Download relevant OpenZeppelin Contracts and libraries based on their category from an easy-to-use drop-down menu. The plugin will only pull in the relevant contracts and libraries you need and none of the ones you don’t. This is ideal for security-minded projects where unused excess code is not permitted.
  • Migrations files are created automatically for each contract when imported and placed in the Migrations folder.
  • Contracts are imported as read-only, thereby preventing accidental editing that voids the security guarantees of using audited code.
  • Importing and deployment of OpenZeppelin Contracts includes a validation check against the hash of the official OpenZeppelin GitHub repo – meaning that before deployment, your team can be sure the code matches the latest audited versions.

This collaboration is a strong step towards the professionalization and securitization of the blockchain space. Developers looking to leverage the power of blockchain technology can now securely access the largest and most secure smart contract code library directly from VSCode.

Microsoft Azure VSCode plugin with OpenZeppelin Contract support is available now via the VSCode extensions marketplace.