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OpenZeppelin and Chainlink Labs Establish Strategic Alliance To Support Chainlink BUILD Members

We’re excited to announce that OpenZeppelin has formed a strategic alliance with Chainlink Labs, the primary contributing developer of the industry-standard decentralized computing platform Chainlink. Together, we’re dedicated to fostering a safer, more dependable blockchain space, reinforcing our commitment to security at scale.

The alliance will support the Chainlink BUILD program, which fosters promising early-stage startups and accelerates the growth of established protocols building across the Web3 ecosystem. 

How OpenZeppelin Supports Chainlink BUILD Members

OpenZeppelin Defender provides premium features that help decentralized applications build, audit, deploy, operate, and monitor their smart contracts, along with The Contracts Library of secure, modular smart contracts written in Solidity. Already, OpenZeppelin is used by a number of chains, protocols, and institutions that also use the Chainlink platform, including Optimism, Aave, and ANZ Bank. Now, by providing preferential services to Chainlink BUILD members, these new projects in the Chainlink ecosystem can access OpenZeppelin’s security suite. 

“We’re thrilled about our strategic alliance with Chainlink, as we join forces to create a more secure and reliable Web3 ecosystem. At OpenZeppelin, ensuring safety and dependability in the blockchain space is at the heart of what we do, and our collaboration with Chainlink underscores this vision. This partnership not only aims to secure individual projects for Chainlink BUILD members, but also to contribute to the overarching goal of creating a safer, more reliable environment for the Web3 developer community and users alike. Together with Chainlink, we’re excited to elevate the cross-chain ecosystem.” 

— Gin Zite, Partnerships Lead

About Chainlink

Chainlink is the industry-standard decentralized computing platform powering the verifiable web. Chainlink has enabled over $10 trillion in transaction value by providing financial institutions, startups, and developers worldwide with access to real-world data, offchain computation, and secure cross-chain interoperability across any blockchain. Chainlink powers verifiable applications and high-integrity markets for banking, DeFi, global trade, gaming, and other major sectors. 

Learn more about Chainlink by visiting or reading the developer documentation at

About OpenZeppelin

Founded in 2015, OpenZeppelin is the world leader in securing blockchain applications and smart contract systems. Its bedrock open source Contract Libraries are a public good and industry standard for smart contract development. OpenZeppelin’s professional expertise, unified with the Defender developer security platform, integrates through clients’ development lifecycles, so teams can plan, code, audit, deploy and operate projects faster and more safely. OpenZeppelin secures success for over a thousand trusted crypto protocols and organizations, including Coinbase, Ethereum Foundation, Compound, Aave, Uniswap, Matter Labs and ANZ Bank.

Learn more about OpenZeppelin visiting