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Say Hi to OpenZeppelin, the Company


Today we are announcing our new company name and brand structure: OpenZeppelin. This change from our previous name, Zeppelin Solutions, allows us to look deeply at our brand and at how it can better reflect who we are and where we’re headed as an organization.

Our journey

Since founding the company, we’ve created a set of complementary projects and services, focused on security and developer tooling.

We’ve built the most popular library for smart contract development (it powers 3,000+ public projects and 180+ contributors); worked with the Ethereum Foundation, Coinbase, and other leading organizations in the security audit space; and have begun creating a development platform for decentralized applications and an amazing community of developers. Through these efforts, we aim to empower creative individuals and businesses to build an open economy, powered by blockchain technologies.

We conducted each of these initiatives under different names, using the word “Zeppelin” to tie them all together. However, we realized that having different brand names with different visual identities didn’t help our clients, users, or community to understand what the relationship between our offerings was. Having a unified company voice is critical to conveying that there is a single team, community, and mission behind everything we do.

Also, the “Zeppelin Solutions” name made it look like we were a consulting-first company. While we do offer security consulting services, we are a technology-first company. Doing security audits is simply part of our company strategy to work with and learn from the best firms in the space, and have revenue to grow the business.

OpenZeppelin, the company

Of all the previous brands, OpenZeppelin was the most recognizable. Many of our users and community members even referred to us as “the OpenZeppelin team.” So we decided it made sense to unify all our efforts under that one umbrella.

This way, we keep both our original “Zeppelin” identity and the concept of  “open,” which speaks to our overall mission and values. Accordingly, our suite of products and services will now follow one unified structure:

  • OpenZeppelin is now OpenZeppelin Contracts
  • ZeppelinOS is now OpenZeppelin SDK
  • ZepKit is now OpenZeppelin Starter Kits
  • Audits is now OpenZeppelin Security Audits

This new structure is also reflected in our site, blog, documentation, social channels, and forum.

We believe that an open, global economy is critical to enabling economic freedom . Through our work and identity, we aim to empower creative individuals and businesses around the world to build this new economy. Join us on the journey ahead!