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OpenZeppelin Welcomes Arbitrary Execution into Defender Ecosystem

OpenZeppelin, a world leader in securing blockchain applications and smart contracts, today announced that engineering-focused security firm Arbitrary Execution has joined its ecosystem as an Affiliate Partner and official reseller of its Defender security platform. 

The OpenZeppelin Affiliate Partner Program provides the tools and support needed to enable its partners to be successful with the industry’s most extensible and powerful blockchain security platform. By becoming an Affiliate Partner, Arbitrary Execution solidifies its dedication to security decentralized applications and protocols.

About Defender

OpenZeppelin Defender is a mission-critical developer security platform to code, audit, deploy, monitor, and operate blockchain applications with confidence. Integrating directly into the developer workflow, Defender makes it easy and fast for developers and operators to prevent and fix security issues pre and post-deployment. Built as the result of 7 years developing and auditing the world’s most popular smart contracts, Defender embeds OpenZeppelin’s industry-leading expertise and world-class intelligence across all stages of your project’s lifecycle.

Defender introduces four major modules s delivered through a deeply integrated user experience:

  • Secure Code: automatic code analysis on every PR
  • Secure Audit: a streamlined workflow for audits to track issues and resolutions
  • Secure Deploy: automated security features for successful deployments and upgrades
  • Monitor, Respond, and Operate: tools for instant detection and response to incidents

For more information, please refer to Defender’s latest 2.0 release announcement blog post.

A Shared Vision for Security

Since 2021, Arbitrary Execution has worked with OpenZeppelin towards the common aim of securing the open economy, specializing in governmental security requirements, reverse engineering, and pen testing. Their integration into our ecosystem amplifies this vision, enhancing OpenZeppelin's pioneering blockchain security platform with Arbitrary Execution's holistic approach to security.

What’s Next?

The rapid growth and continued maturity of the blockchain ecosystem make security paramount. Arbitrary Execution joining the OpenZeppelin ecosystem marks a new era in security that ensures robust, comprehensive protection for decentralized applications and protocols.

Interested in joining OpenZeppelin’s Affiliate Program? Reach out to our team.

About OpenZeppelin

OpenZeppelin’s mission is to protect the open economy. Founded in 2015, OpenZeppelin is the world leader in secure blockchain applications. Its bedrock open source Contract Libraries are a Public Good and industry standard for smart contract development. Our professional expertise, unified with The OpenZeppelin Defender platform, integrates security through clients’ development lifecycles, so teams can plan, code, audit, deploy, and operate projects faster and more safely.

About Arbitrary Execution

‍Arbitrary Execution (AE) is an engineering-focused organization that specializes in securing decentralized technology. Their team of security researchers leverages offensive security expertise, tactics, techniques, and hacker mindset to help secure the Web3 ecosystem. For more information on Arbitrary Execution's professional services, contact AE today.