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Welcome Jonathan Alexander, OpenZeppelin’s new CTO

Today we are excited to announce that Jonathan Alexander is joining OpenZeppelin as CTO. OpenZeppelin is a technology company whose mission is to protect the core infrastructure of an open, global economy. Jonathan will play a critical role in making the cryptoeconomy safer by scaling and expanding OpenZeppelin’s suite of products and services.

Jonathan most recently served as CTO of Tricentis, the fastest-growing software automation tools company, where he led a global software engineering of 200 people. Prior to Tricentis, he’s been CTO, VP of Engineering, and founder at different top companies in the software testing, security and communications space where he led product strategy, research & development, and engineering. During this time, Jonathan has seen 3 successful exits and led the creation of the largest cloud communications platform for small businesses in the US.

Throughout his career, Jonathan has played a major role leading companies throughout different periods of technology gestation, deployment, and mainstream adoption. At OpenZeppelin, we see cryptocurrencies, blockchains, and smart contracts as the next big technological revolution of our era. Jonathan’s experience will be valuable as we continue to scale OpenZeppelin into a company with a lasting and meaningful impact on the world.

Jonathan’s first interaction with OpenZeppelin came from his personal involvement in blockchain technology, where he used OpenZeppelin open source development tools within his own projects. Jonathan has a strong sense of purpose that fits with OpenZeppelin’s culture, and he is very much aligned with our core values.

At OpenZeppelin we believe that an open, global economy is critical to enabling economic freedom. Jonathan’s proven track record of building great products and scaling organizations will be key in contributing to our mission and becoming the canonical platform for improving security and managing risk in this new, open economy.

Welcome Jonathan to the team!