Upgradeability using Unstructured Storage

During the last months we've been designing and developing a prototype of the zeppelin_os Kernel. Part of that work was to explore and compare different upgradeability mechanisms to decide which to use in zeppelin_os.

Smart Contract Upgradeability using Eternal Storage

As mentioned in our Development Roadmap Part Two, the Kernel is the foundational layer of zeppelin_os, and we will soon be launching a prototype of it, starting with the functionality currently found in the OpenZeppelin framework.

ZeppelinOS Development Roadmap Part Two: Kernel & Contract Development Tools

As mentioned in our Development Roadmap Part One, the smart contract industry is in urgent need of the ZeppelinOS Kernel.

Announcing ZeppelinOS Labs: A Space for Community Involvement

The foundational layer of ZeppelinOS is the Kernel: an on-chain set of libraries offering common functionality and services that developers can call from within their smart contracts.

ZeppelinOS Development Roadmap: Part One

We’ve already discussed the technical details of ZeppelinOS and published a first draft of the whitepaper. Now, we'd like to introduce our development roadmap with an estimated timeline of when we'll distribute each component of the platform.

How the ZEP Token Powers ZeppelinOS

ZeppelinOS is an operating system designed specifically for smart contracts. It’s an open-source, decentralized platform of tools and services to securely develop and manage any smart contract application.

Technical Details of ZeppelinOS

ZeppelinOS aims to solve this problem. Based on our experience working to secure dozens of projects in the space, we are now building an open-source, decentralized platform of tools and services on top...