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Zeppelin at ETHDenver: an upgradeable, linkable future!

Thank you for your interest in this post! We’re undergoing a rebranding process, so please excuse us if some names are out of date.

by Dennison Bertram

¡Hola Zeppeliners! It’s that time again, when hackers, innovators, and Bufficorns converge on ETHDenver for a week of #buidl, #buidl, #buidl! This year we’re particularly excited to show off some of the new things we’ve been cooking up to supercharge the Ethereum development experience for hackers and “buidlers” alike. We’ve been busy in the past year, from an exceptional #ETHBuenosAires in our hometown (where more than 30% of teams built on Zeppelin products!) to a fantastic #DevCon in Prague. Our team members were all over the world talking to developers, listening to their feedback, collaborating with projects, and iterating on our suite of products to make the secure development experience on Ethereum even better.

At #ETHBuenosAires, we launched ZeppelinOS, a suite of tools that allows developers to create upgradeable smart contracts and enables “Upgrade Driven Development.” Using ZeppelinOS and transparent proxies, developers can iterate on their smart contracts, improving them and fixing bugs or adding features both on development networks and even on the mainchain.

Check out this video: How Fix Bugs on Deployed Smart Contracts.

Now that we’ve taken our design of transparent proxies even further, we’re proud to continue the EVM packages journey: on-chain package management for Ethereum. Using EVM packages, developers can create and share code directly on-chain — building blocks that now be shared openly. For larger teams, EVM packages allow for the creation of private repos of approved code, meaning that everyone on the team can be pulling code from the same source.

#BUIDL Week Colorado (February 14th)

This year for ETHDenver, we’ll be running a number of events. In the runup to the gathering, we’ll be hosting a ZeppelinOS workshop 11:30am-2:30pm on Thursday 2/14 at Enterprise Coworking. There we’ll host an intimate workshop, taking hackers through the process of using ZeppelinOS to deploy upgradeable smart contracts as well as EVM packages. It will also be users’ first chance to see some of the new features we’re cooking up for the community and to fill your toolbelt with some tools to supercharge your hackathon experience. Sign up here!

Load up the toolbox!

Need some ideas to get started thinking about ETHDenver? A good starting place is to take a look at our code!

OpenZeppelin: a battle-tested framework of reusable smart contracts for Ethereum and other EVM and eWASM blockchains. Basically, everything you need, from SafeMath to ERC721 tokens — definitely your starting point for nearly any Ethereum project.

ZeppelinOS: a development platform designed specifically for smart contracts projects. It allows for seamless upgrades and secure sharing of on-chain code in the form of EVM packages. Stop by our workshop during #BuidlWeek to get a sneak peek!

Get inspired

The past year has seen some fantastic projects built on Zeppelin products. To get inspired, here are some of our previous #ETHDenver hackathon winners:

OpenZeppelin Prize: DecentPost is a full DApp that connects senders, couriers, and receivers to decentralize the shipment of packages.

OpenZeppelin Prize: Espresso is a testing framework for smart contracts, with parallelization, hot-reload, and backward-compatible with Truffle test.

ZeppelinOS Prize: SecureETH is an OWASP security model for Ethereum.

Can’t wait to see you at #ETHDenver!

The Zeppelin team will be out in full force for this ETHDenver. Have a look at our tools and previous hackathon submissions to get your creative juices flowing. Reach us on Telegram if you have questions, or come find us during ETHDenver — we’ll be wearing big “Z” T-shirts! Did we mention we’re hiring as well? Bring your resume and stop by our table to talk to a team member about our fantastic company culture and current openings.